Got Loads Of Kids Coming Over For A Sleepover; Then Maybe You’ll Need To Rent A Few Beds


Or is this a bit too much for you at this stage? Are you game enough and brave enough to handle so many little toddlers in your home over one or two nights? Or are you one of those who really love kids and really don’t mind looking after other adults’ kids while they go off to work or spend time alone away from the kids. You must have a passion for the babysitting business, and it’s a highly responsible role you’ll be taking on as mother to several kids.

You’ll be amazed what you can also do with limited space in your small home. Perhaps you have the luxury of an extra room not being used right now. This is where you can pack the little ones in for a couple of hours after you have sorted out your rollaway bed rentals. The renting option works in your favor because it’s cheaper and this set up might only be temporary. So, when these little kids have outgrown you, you can return these rollup beds when the rental term expires.

Or if you’re going to prolong with this business, you’ll set yourself up nicely with a long term plan then. The nice thing about these rollups is that they won’t be taking up much of your room’s space. Perhaps there’s enough garage space for you to clear and store these mats in overnight until the kids return the next day. But just make sure that garage of yours is spotlessly clean. The mini-beds are also rolled up to one side leaving enough room for the kids to engage in playtime activities. And don’t forget their story time, that’s quite important.